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Legislative Update: Week 8 - Mar 8-12, 2021 - Crossover

The Georgia General Assembly was in session four days last week. Monday was legislative day 28 and Crossover day, Tuesday was legislative day 29, Wednesday was legislative day 30, and Thursday, legislative day 31. On Monday, March 15, session resumed with legislative day 32 and the legislature will be in session on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for legislative days 33 through 35 of the 40 day session. Click here for the remaining session schedule.
Bills under consideration are:
Senate Resolution 102 by Senator Steve Gooch (R-Dahlonega), creates the Georgia Commission on E-Commerce and Freight Infrastructure Funding. This resolution passed the Senate on Monday, March 8. 
Senate Resolution 154 by Senator Nan, Orrock (D-Atlanta), creates the Joint Study Committee for Strengthening Georgia's Future Workforce. This resolution passed the Senate on Monday, March 8. 
Senate Bill 98 by Senator Brandon Beach (R - Alpharetta), relates to eligible expenditures, procedures, conditions, and limitations for public and private financing of projects. The bill passed the Senate on Monday, March 8. 
Senate Bill 156 by Senator Marty Harbin (R-Tyrone), relates to labor and industrial relations and provides an appointment, oath, bond, power, duties, and authority of a chief labor officer. This bill passed the Senate on Monday, March 8.
Senate Bill 213 by Senator Tyler Harper (R-Ocilla), seeks to provide for payment on guaranteed energy saving contracts by local school systems using proceeds from local option sales taxes collected for education purposes. It passed the Senate on Monday, March 8. 
House Bill 317 by Representative Ron Stephens (R-Savannah) revises the definition of innkeeper to include marketplace facilitators. It passed the House on Monday, March 8.
House Bill 428 by Representative Chuck Martin (R-Alpharetta), requires reporting to the Commissioner of the Department of Revenue if a company is taking the high-tech tax exemption. It passed unanimously through the House on Monday, March 8.
House Bill 469 by Representative Ron Stephens (R-Savannah), extends the sunset date for the tax credit on historic structures. This bill passed the House on March 8. 
House Bill 479 by Representative Bert Reeves (R-Marietta), would repeal Georgia’s citizen’s arrest law authored in 1863. The bill passed the House on Monday, March 8.
This weekly Legislative Update report is courtesy of the Regional Business Coalition of Metropolitan Atlanta (RBC), an organization of over a dozen of the largest and most active Chambers of Commerce throughout the metro Atlanta region. RBC member chambers represent over 15,000 member companies who employ millions of metro Atlanta residents. The RBC’s primary goal is to represent the interests of RBC Chamber members on regional public policy issues impacting our transportation, water and air quality and to advocate for solutions that improve metro Atlanta’s quality of life and economic vitality.