About Us

Today’s world is complicated, exciting, and changing fast. At Academe of the Oaks, we believe this global reality requires an educational approach that’s both radical and relevant. Academe’s educational approach encourages students to think beyond memorization and standardized tests, emphasizing active involvement and creative consideration. Here, learning is centered on lived experience.

Faculty members at Academe take a fresh approach to teaching, addressing each student’s full array of talents and interests—not just in what they are best at, but in what they want to be. Students conduct scientific experiments, compose poetry and stories, play music, work in the community, and become global citizens. Along the way, they work to become skilled writers, careful problem-solvers, and compassionate thinkers.

Our Adolescents today are inheriting a world with multi-faceted challenges. To meet those challenges and solve ever more complex problems, our young men and women will need a strong sense of ethical responsibility, imagination, inner strength, diverse and deep knowledge, and the ability to work and communicate with each other in a global context.

At Academe of the Oaks, our mission is to redefine the high school experience by educating our students to be resourceful, clear, and flexible thinkers, capable of making profound and positive contributions to the fast-changing world they inherit.


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